Welcome to the artistry and craftsmanship of Roberto Gallegos, a native New Mexican who has studied with many influential artists and craftsmen throughout his career. This breadth of experience has helped Roberto define his own style and is reflected in the beautiful pieces he creates.

Roberto is a contemporary artist, specializing in wood, tin, and copper.  In addition, he has worked extensively with sculpture, jewelry and adobe construction.  Based in New Mexican tradition, his unique style masterfully demonstrates his versatility, imagination and technical expertise.  His career has followed two passions, that of making functional art; furniture, chandeliers, etc. and that of expressive art; masks and bas relief panels.  These paths have been complimentary enabling Roberto to feed ideas and creativity to each, while perfecting his techniques during the process. 

Showcased here are some highlights of Roberto's work and the people and experiences that inspired him.  Enjoy!

Roberto Gallegos


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